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Multicultural Excellence Awards Judging

Industry leaders who are apart of the ANA Multicultural committee or have an expertise in Multiculutual Marketing have the opportunity to become a judge. Over the course of three rounds of judging, agency and clientside executives evaluate the submissions on two key factors: creativity and relevance. 

This in-depth review will help identify which submissions are worthy of consideration to win a Multicultural Excellence Award. All winners will then be recognized by the industry during the 2021 ANA Multicultural and Diversity Conference.

Here is what prior judges have to say:

"I was so pleased to see the variety of work being done across our industry as it pertained to reaching underrepresented groups. It made me proud to be a judge as I felt my insights in judging would help to direct the future of better campaigns for target audiences that weren't necessarily being targeted in the most effective ways. Thank you for giving me this opportunity."

"I greatly appreciated the opportunity to be a judge. It was a good confidence builder and productive learning experience reinforcing effective application of marketing principles... assessing the challenge/purpose, gathering information on the audience profiles and nuances, developing the messaging, creating the content, executing the creative, and measuring results."

"Judging the Multicultural Excellence Awards was an inspiring and rewarding experience. It is great to see so much purpose driven work being made that is not always accessible or widely circulated because of budget or regions."

We are thankful for last year’s two rounds of Multicultural Excellence Award judges. Without your diligence and expertise, we would not be able to make this happen. Click here to download a full list of our judges.

Final Round Jury 

The Final Round jury includes the top 5 submissions in each category based on the final results of round one. From this round, the top three winners in each category will be determined, including the Grand Prize winner and the category winners.

Last year we selected this panel of brand marketer and agency heavyweights to be on the Final Round jury. Thanks again for your help!