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Significant Results New!

Elevating Significant Results to its own standalone category, campaigns submitted in this category should demonstrate the success of your marketing campaign. Using facts and figures about your campaign, your submission should explain why the brand’s efforts were successful, based on the effectiveness of the advertising and its measurable objectives. This category will have its own judging criteria: 25% Creativity, 25% Relevancy and 50% Results.

Judging Criteria:

Entries will be judged based on a mix of the following:

Round One (main categories)

  • Creativity (25%)
  • Relevance (25%)

Round Two

  • Judges will be looking for quantifiable evidence supporting the initiative’s impact. (50%)

Entry Requirements:

  • Campaigns must have run between June 2020 and July 2021 within the U.S. and North America.
  • Submission must describe the impact of the advertising campaign on business performance and include metrics substantiating claims.
  • No more than FOUR (4) pieces of creative from the same campaign may be submitted.
  • Submission may include any combination of TV commercials, audio (including radio, internet radio, podcasts), print, direct mail, digital, social and mobile, and out of home.
  • Executions should not exceed 180 seconds. If execution exceeds 180 seconds, judges will view the first 180 seconds only.
  • Audio spots should contain a title slide that reads "Audio" and the company's name should be shown on the screen while the audio plays.
  • A media plan must be included in each entry, outlining the campaign's media elements, specifically where and when the submitted creative ran. Please do not provide cost information in the media plan. A media plan example can be found here. 
  • Sizzle/highlight reels are accepted. Executions should not exceed 180 seconds. If execution exceeds 180 seconds, judges will view the first 180 seconds only.

Required Format:
Complete specifications for all creative file types can be found here.

Entry Fees: 

  • Early Bird - $525/$600 for entries submitted by May 31
  • $650/$725 for entries submitted by June 30
  • $695/$770 for entries submitted by July 28


Payment may be made by credit card or check. Please make sure to include the check number in the space provided on the submission form.

If paying by check, please make payable to Association of National Advertisers, Inc. with entry ID# clearly marked on the check and mail to:

ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards

Attn: Gena Casciano
c/o Association of National Advertisers, Inc.
155 E. 44th St., 4th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Please note: Once an entry has been submitted and payment processed, refunds will only be issued due to extenuating circumstances. Disqualified submissions will be refunded.

Your entry ID # can be found in the email sent to you on your entry submission.
For your records, ANA's Federal ID # is 13-0453230.