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Multicultural Excellence Awards Categories

Please note that many campaigns fit into multiple categories. When preparing entries, please review all the categories to find the ones that best apply to your campaign.

All work submitted is judged based on Creativity and Relevance (unless otherwise note in the description below) - please read descriptions carefully.

African American

Represents all types of creative engagement that directly targets the African American demographic.


Represents all types of creative engagement that directly targets the Asian demographic. 

Southeast Asian audiences are best entered in the Rising Multicultural Segments category

Audio (Radio, Internet Radio and Podcasts)

Entries in this category include all types of audio including podcasts, commercial radio, streaming radio, and downloadable content that directly targets a multicultural consumer segment.

Cross-Cultural Campaigns

Entries in this category will feature campaigns that include multiple cultural segments. Diversity should be an integral focus throughout the entire strategic and creative process. While casting and representation will be a consideration, this category will also recognize multicultural insights throughout the entire execution.

Demonstrated Growth

This category will showcase marketing efforts that delivered against a clear set of objectives, made a positive impact and generated growth for a product, brand, or cause. Campaigns submitted in this category should demonstrate the success of your marketing campaign. Using facts and figures about your campaign, your submission should explain why the effort was successful, based on the effectiveness of the advertising and marketing and its measurable objectives.

This category will have unique score weighting: 25% Creativity, 25% Relevancy and 50% Results.


This category is for any creative executions that leverage digital platforms that directly target a multicultural consumer segment. This includes programs involving mobile sites, apps, geo-location strategies, email campaigns, web-based campaigns, etc. This category also rewards the best use of Social Media tools (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) targeted to consumers as the primary communication tactic/strategy to reach your objective.

Experiential Marketing

Entries in this category include campaigns that allow consumers to become active participants in online or offline immersive experiences that directly target a multicultural consumer segment. 


Represents all types of creative engagement that directly targets the Hispanic demographic.


Represents all types of creative engagement that directly targets the LGBTQ+ demographic.

Marketing to the 55+ Consumer NEW 

This population is growing in size, spending power and influence and entries in this category give voice to who this consumer is, how they wish to be seen, and ensures accurate representation in all forms of marketing and advertising.

People with Disabilities 

Entries in this category include all types of creative that directly target or resonate with People with Disabilities. Although marketing content may not target this group specifically, it is important that the creative incorporates this consumer segment as a key pillar of the campaign.


Entries in this category include print creative that directly targets the multicultural consumer segment(s) such as newspaper, magazine, direct mail, point of purchase, etc.

Rising Multicultural Segments

In recognition of the numerous multicultural segments that add texture and richness to the fabric of our diverse country and contribute to brand growth, this category embraces all the segments not covered by the established awards categories and recognizes creative work and programs which primarily target any other multicultural consumer market, including but not limited to Native American and Indigenous, Eastern European, Middle Eastern/North African (MENA), and Southeast Asian consumers.

Small Budget

This category recognizes campaigns that directly target a multicultural consumer segment(s), executed on a budget that did not exceed $400k US. The investment in the campaign is inclusive of media expenditures and production/activation costs. Local, regional, national efforts that directly target a multicultural consumer segment are all eligible.

In your case study you should explain the insights that were leveraged to formulate the campaign and provide insight into the breakdown of production vs. media expense.  (Percentages are acceptable)

Note: The $400kUS maximum investment spend does not include agency fees charged to develop/execute the campaign.

Socially Responsible

Entries in this category include all types of creative that directly addresses current social issues.